Confidence. Control. Independence.

No-code? All-code? Why not both?

Hackers’ Laboratory gives you simple tooling to manage a development team or program a full application yourself.

You own everything – All the code. All the infrastructure.

No lock in.

It’s all yours.

Your Hacker Laboratory offers the tooling and guidance you need to manage the complexities of developing an application, but it doesn’t prevent you from getting into the weeds if you want.

You have complete control.

Hiring a Developer?

Reduce risk and stress using the tools in your Hacker Laboratory.

  • easily create small, distinct coding tasks for your devs
  • view clear and concise insights into how your projects are progressing
  • create and destroy live versions of your application with a click of a button
  • attract quality developers by providing a no-fuss, professional dev environment and workflow
  • easily add and remove team members from your project
  • quickly onboard developers, advisors, and testers to your project

Building an app yourself?

  • save money by building out as much of your application as you can by yourself
  • only bring on professional help when you really need it
  • learn as you hack within a well-defined structure for building a full application
  • access a growing library of code snippets and guides to build out the functionality you need
  • get exposure and experience to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL