My name is Patrick and I like building things with code. I spend the majority of my time working with JavaScript and PHP.

About This Blog

I learn best by looking at the code others have written. It helps a lot when I can look at a small working example of a few key concepts and then practice them myself.

In my own learning journey, though, I have often been frustrated with the lack of simple, to-the-point code examples.

Rather, there seems to be an over-abundance of lengthy tutorials – tutorials that often take too long to complete and teach too many concepts to be absorbed efficiently.

The short projects I am sharing here are my attempt to fill that gap; I try and write simple code examples that are easy to follow and offer ideas on how you can practice.

Any and all constructive feedback and requests are very welcome. Twitter is a good way to get a hold of me.

Brief Professional History

  • Dabbled with HTML / CSS in my early 20s
  • Spent a few years as a financial advisor. I enjoyed the work but hated the sales.
  • Spent a year in construction. I loved the work, but I found it hard to make a living.
  • Spent a few years playing around with WordPress. Got better at CSS, but still couldn’t code.
  • After struggling as a freelancer, I decided to get serious about becoming a developer. This turned out to be a great decision.
  • Met some fanastic people that invested their time into mentoring me.
  • Started coding WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Took a job as a general web developer at a new start up company close to home. Loved it.
  • Bad news: I lost that job because websites were not as profitable as that company had hoped.
  • Good news: I joined the core development team for that same company and spent a little over a year with that team. Easily the best working year of my life… so far.
  • Exciting news: While I had a fantastic time working with some amazing people, the time has come for a change. Now I am focusing more on working from home, sharing what I’ve learned online, and spending more time in the dev community on the nets.

What I do now…

Presently I’m focused on some personal projects, learning more and sharing more.

I most enjoy working with Vue.js and Laravel, though I occassionally indulge in some React.js, Node.js and WordPress work.

I am interested in new opportunities, so don’t hesitate to contact me.